Post Self Expression

Tenfingerz & Sebastian Berto

Post Self Expression
Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct

An Artbox Truck Performance.

Date & Time:

Fri 21 July,
7-7.30pm - Roving
7.30 -8pm - ARTBOX TRUCK
8.30-9pm - Roving
9 - 9.30pm - ARTBOX TRUCK

Cost: FREE

A myth.
Imagine yourself 500 years in the future.
Capitalism and the patriarch have fallen.
The people of the future are in a new world paradigm.
The new paradigm is actually unfathomable from the perspective of our current cultural operating systems in 2017, so I will not waste time explaining it now.

Self expression is a thing of the past. When the people of the past – the us of the future – realised that self expression was a cog in the capitalist machine, they put down self expression and picked up community and power in numbers to overthrow the oppressive overlords. This is a myth created to remind people of the future, of the past.

Tenfingerz & Sebastian Berto

Sebastian Berto and Tenfingerz have beenn collaborating on art projects in different capacities for the past 2 years. Sebastian has a background in visual art, design and animation and Teneille in writing and conceptualizing live art. Post Self Expression is their first collaboration.


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