Re-inhabiting the Vessel: an exercise in becoming (iteration #6)

Josephine Mead

Re-inhabiting the Vessel: an exercise in becoming (iteration #6)
Site Number: 21
Site Location: Seventh Gallery

Presented as part of 'Feminographies'
Curated by Jade Bitar

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Re-inhabiting the Vessel: an exercise in becoming (iteration #6) forms part of an ongoing photographic series that has allowed the artist to assess the stages of becoming that she finds herself within, with reference to her female familial lineage. Through reconstituting and re-inhabiting the vessel as visual image and form, Josephine considers her ability to hold and to carry. By holding up photographic prints with sculptural support structures, Josephine questions how much support she can give and receive.

The act of reinhabiting and reassessing the functionality of the vessel affords Josephine the opportunity to assess her own standing and sense of becoming.

Josephine Mead

Josephine Mead is currently undertaking an Honours Degree in Fine Art at Monash University. Josephine creates multi-disciplinary work in an effort to assess her standing and sense of self, as a woman. Through challenging modes of female representation she attempts to free the work from overarching patriarchal structures, searching for new and open places for the work to temporarily rest.

Josephine is currently interested in the image and form of the vessel and it’s historical associations to women. She is challenging these associations in an effort to re-inhabit and re-constitute the vessel. Vessels have the simultaneous ability to carry and to leak- it is between these two points that Josephine’s work currently resides.