Reflective INK

Rose Staff

Reflective INK
Site Number: 30
Site Location: El Lobo, 203 Gertrude Street
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Reflective INK is an installation that explores contemporary drawing with light and projection mapping. It utilises the ephemeral nature of projections to change the appearance of a hand drawn illustration into various designs of shapes, tone and colour.

The act of drawing has a long and rich history, starting with pencil, ink and biro pen works to those made in recent times and created entirely on digital platforms. This transformation is a reflection of a society now underpinned by computational networks and interfaces, allowing innovation and new contemplations of the world and how we can imagine the future through illustration.

Reflective INK uses a combination of both digital and analogue techniques in a process of remediation. The illustrations do not stay in their original hand drawn form but have undergone several alterations as they evolved into a new media art installation. In this way, Marshall McLuhan’s statement “the medium is the message” holds relevance to this work. The process of making the patterns is bound by the digital medium that created them and an inseparable part of how we read them.

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Rose Staff

Rose Staff, also known under the alias Radiance (, is a new media visual artist, VJ and graphic designer. She works with moving image and live video performance in a range of settings around the world, from contemporary art installations to large-scale vibrant projections at festivals. Her projections have been shown at the Geneva Mapping Festival, Glastonbury Festival UK, VIVID Sydney, White Night Melbourne and at some of Australia’s largest music festivals including Stereosonic, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields and Let Them Eat Cake.


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