Temporary Art Project

RMIT Public Art Students

Temporary Art Project
Site Location: Atherton Gardens Precinct
Date & Time:

Sat 22 July, 6-10PM

Sun 23 July, 6-10PM

Cost: FREE

RMIT Diploma of Visual Arts students have taken on the challenge to create temporary works of light infused art, expanding into the Atherton Gardens Precinct, carving out a unique space along Gertrude Street. Students works in light sculpture and projection installation will be scattered throughout the gardens inviting audiences to experience these explorations of space and time.

Collectively the class of 2017 bring a plethora of curious and imaginative responses to “Unfurling Futures”. A short sixteen weeks ago they came together, for the first time, to explore the intricate natures of art and concepts of Public Spaces. In this time they have worked collaboratively and begun to develop skills through observation, investigation and action. Their interpretation, of what public spaces are and can be, demonstrates their diversity and acceptance of others, now and into the future.

RMIT Public Art Students

Mona Kitty Quilty; Untitled
Zheljana Peric, Ashleigh Staples & Alex (Woohyun) Park; Untitled
Alley O’Brien Cummings, Lily O’Connell &Jaymie Dugdale; Untitled
Lillian Mclean; Untitled
Irene Armesto & Ying Chen; Movement
Prudence Jopson, Anna Yelland, Cameron Hennessy & Adel Mora Borbely; On the fence
Sam Eisen, Clare Dolan, & Poorva Bansal; The book of love
Tom Iansek; Cloud light
Zhang Lingge, Zeng Shu & Fazhi Chen; Umbrella
Grace Assaad & Francesca Bardell; Small bodies big impact
Mitch Tully; How I learnt to stop worrying and love the loop


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