Self Portrait as OkCupid Questionnaire

Carla Adams

Self Portrait as OkCupid Questionnaire
Site Number: 21
Site Location: Seventh Gallery

Presented as part of 'Feminographies'
Curated by Jade Bitar

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Self Portrait as OkCupid Questionnaire is a recording of my computer screen as I am answering questions that form part of the match survey on dating site, The match survey has around 4,000 questions and aims to explore the user’s thoughts on moral and ethical issues such as “Should women be obligated to keep their legs shaved?” and “Do you strongly prefer to date someone of your own race?”

This work acts as a self portrait, with the viewer learning more and more intimate information about the artist the longer they engage with the work. With this information, they are able to construct an image in their head about who the artist might be. This work poses questions about how women chose to present themselves online – especially in an environment where the male gaze is so heavily exercised.

Carla Adams

Carla Adams (b.1984, Perth) is an early career West Australian artist working with paint and textiles. After graduating with an advanced diploma in contemporary art from Central TAFE in 2012, Adams went on to receive first class honours from Curtin University in 2014. Adams has exhibited at Free Range Gallery, MOANA, Bus Projects (Melb), FELTSpace (Adelaide), ARTBAR at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney) and her work was selected for the 2013 Hatched national graduate exhibition at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. In 2017 she will exhibit at Turner Gallery and Blindside (Melbourne). Adams is a sessional academic at Curtin University and is director of Smart Casual gallery.