Street Choirs

The Boite

Street Choirs
Site Location: Roving

Fri 21 July:
Gorani Men’s Georgian and Bulgarian, Living Out Loud dir Sue Johnston;

Fri 28 July:
Breathing Space dir by Therese Virtue, The Zamponistas (Melbourne’s only Latin American Panpipe choir)

Date & Time:

Fri 21 July, 6pm

Fri 28 July, 6pm

Cost: FREE

Local community choirs wander up and down Gertrude Street during the Festival, choosing nooks where they can stop and sing short sets from their repertoires. They provide a compelling aural backdrop for the amazing visual array the GSPF offers. They are another antidote to Winter.


The Boite

Melbourne’s premier multicultural music presenter, The Boite Vic Inc. has operated out of the City of Yarra for the past 37 years. The Boite proudly presents the music of Melbourne’s diverse cultural communities and engage in quirky, fun projects like roaming choirs in the wonderful Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

This year local singers are joined by The Zamponistas, Melbourne’s only Latin American Panpipe choir. Outdoor, roaming performances are part of the tradition they come from and Gertrude Street is a perfect performance space for them.


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