Caroline Packham

Site Number: 9
Site Location: Starting point at the Atherton Gardens undercroft, building 95.

30 minute roaming projection performance through Atherton Gardens. Suitable for all ages.

Date & Time:

Fri 21 July, 6:30 / 7:30 / 8:30pm

Fri 28 July, 6:30 / 7:30 / 8:30pm

Cost: FREE

Creatures from an imagined future subterranean habitat, altered through climate change, emerge onto the landscape. Sliding out of cracks in the pavement and from the roots of trees, they glide over the terrain, exploring the landscape and bringing with them tales from an imagined future. What creatures live in this fantastical future earth? They have evolved at a lightning rapid pace beyond the realms of natural evolution, to become surreal other-worldly beings. They are unrecognisable to present day ecology, with anatomical features and skins enabling them to cope with a changing climate. They have developed almost robotic mechanisms to defend themselves against climatic extremes, with both technological and biological adaptations for comfort and survival.

How can looking at imaginary worlds influence the one we inhabit?

Caroline Packham

Caroline Packham is a Melbourne based painter, illustrator and projection artist. Her projection works have been presented at festivals in Melbourne and regional Victoria. She has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney. Her art practice explores our connection to nature, environmental themes and climate change. She is interested in how art and creative practice influence problem solving and futures thinking, and how these in turn influence art.

Caroline is currently the Port Phillip EcoCentre’s Artist in Residence. Her initial projects were a participatory roaming projection work exploring climate change with local communities and an interactive EcoArts Festival. She has collaborated with youth from Cubbies and LiveWires at Atherton Gardens and Collingwood Public Housing Estates on projects for the Gertrude St Projection Festival and Emerge in Yarra.


Percussion and projection performance by Minna Lappalainen. 
Guitar by Lilith Lane. 
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