Zoe Mars & Geo William

Site Number: 7
Site Location: Radio Bar, 79 Gertrude Street

Plug in your headphones and listen to the Trappist-1 soundwalk.

Date & Time:

Live Performance,
Fri 28 July

Cost: FREE
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Travel through space to the recently-identified Trappist-1 system with this paired audio guide and projection. Launching from Radio Bar and featuring an original musical soundtrack by composer Geo William, Trappist-1 guides you along an imaginary 40-lightyear journey to a new home on earthlike planets, while imagery drawn from classic sci-fi animation playfully speculates about our future life in space.

The streamed audio guide requires a mobile device with an internet connection. It invites you to explore Gertrude Street and takes approx.15 minutes to complete.

A special live performance sequencing and remixing the atmospheric soundtrack. Expect electronic slow jams, disco beats and accompanying projections at this one-off event which compliments the creative form and will enhance your GSPF experience.

Listen to the soundscape:

Zoe Mars & Geo William

Zoe Mars is a cross-platform artist who uses a mish-mash of drawing, performance, video and audio to create loving homages to classic sci-fi, technology and design. Favourite themes include obsolescence and disappointment. ARTIST WEBSITE.

Geo William is a composer, songwriter and interdisciplinary performer currently studying Interactive Composition. He has worked and collaborated internationally and his music is broadcast on local, national and digital radio throughout Australia. ARTIST WEBSITE.