FCAC ArtLife

Site Number: 3
Site Location: Frances Antiques, 39 Gertrude Street
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You are invited to traverse through time, as animations reveal an imaginary past and possible future. Changing cityscapes feature architecture, transport and technology as a way to understand our current day experiences.

How does the past affect the present? How has the city changed over the past 500 years? What do you remember from your ancestors? As part of the Gertrude Street Projection FestivalArtLife animators use their memories and imaginations to create a digital image of what the future may become.

Through ArtLife’s characteristic storytelling, animators capture a cityscape sculpture through modern and archived footage projections to create an imaginary timeline of the past, present and future.

FCAC ArtLife

ArtLife animators are a passionate group of cross-disciplinary artists working at Foostcray Community Arts Centre. Collectively over 3 years the group has produced 3 webisodes of Citizen Reporter (2016), Eaten by Technology (Marco Avila – GSPF 2016) and presented in exhibitions at the Roslyn Smorgon Gallery (Real Fiction 2016, On Air 2015). Feature artists in the collective include Teagan Connor, award winning animator (Winter Labyrinth 2016).

The ArtLife animators draw from their life experiences and interest in the world around them. They are particularly interested in exploring the way in graphic illustration, combined with analogue and digital animation, is unique and captures ‘real time’ art making through media.

Exhibiting artists include: Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Doherty, Daniel Munnery, Alisha O’Neill, Ester Tuddenham, Jay Euesden, Marco Avila, Paul Sunderland, Filippo Signorelli and Teagan Connor.


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